Furniture Care


Fremarc Designs furniture will provide years of beautiful use if treated with reasonable care. For distressed furniture, maintain the fine finish by simply dusting with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water and dry completely with another clean cloth. Always rubbing with the grain. For non-distressed finishes, polish the furniture with a carnuba-based paste wax every two to four months. Apply the paste wax in a thin even coat using a dry cloth, rubbing with the grain of the wood. Buff with a dry cloth while paste wax is still moist for a rich lustrous finish.

Tables with parquet tops are made with hand-inlaid pieces of solid wood. All natural solid wood expands and contracts as the moisture in its surrounding atmosphere changes. This is a natural phenomenon. We do not recommend parquet tops in extremely dry areas due to lack of moisture that may cause the parquet to shrink to the point of opening the joints between the pieces.

Fremarc Designs finishes are resistant to minor everyday hazards, but carelessness with cigarettes, hot dishes, nail polish, alcohol and moisture will harm the beauty. Use pads beneath accessories and when writing or eating. Remove spills and smudges immediately. Avoid placing furniture near heat outlets, windows or in direct sunlight. These precautions and simple care procedures will keep your Fremarc Designs furniture looking its best… year after year.

*Please note all solid lumber table tops may be subject to slight warpage. Center fills and end fills must be properly stored laying flat in a controlled environment to prevent warping. We do not recommend storing on concrete surfaces.